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Finger Food Catering

Would you like to design your own cocktail party or select some appetisers for your next function? All Suburbs Catering makes it simple by offering finger food menus in three separate price ranges with delivery to all Australia cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and beyond. Make up your selection and download our current Finger Food menu brochure.

If you are selecting from our finger food range as appetisers to a main meal then we recommend three to four selections per guest. For cocktail parties, eight to twelve items is the ideal selection.

You may make a cost estimate of your party by using our estimate calculator below.

Design your own finger food party menu (sample)

Here’s an example of a selection you might make for a cocktail party by using our estimate calculator.

  • 2 servings from Menu A: 2 x $1.95
  • 5 servings from Menu B: 5 x $2.50
  • 2 servings from Menu C: 2 x $2.95
  • Total: $22.30

You will find it so easy to cater your next function using our unique Pick-a-Pack service — your selection delivered right to your door.

We offer a range of Pick-a-Packs to cater for any size party — you choose 30+ 50+ 80+ 120+ guests and mix and match as you like. Our packs come in Value, Deluxe or Premium price ranges so you can be sure you will find something to match your budget.

Every party menu is specially designed with all your favourites

Too much choice? Take the easy way out and let our chef pick your finger food for your party. Every month we have a new Chef’s Selection. It’s not only easy — you can SAVE UP TO 25% off our regular prices. All our food is frozen fresh and only takes ten to fifteen minutes to heat in the oven. So you can choose to heat and serve it yourself or have our staff prepare and serve it for you.

If you choose to do it yourself your selections will arrive pre-packed on disposable trays. All you have to do is heat up the oven, open up your Pick-a-Packs and start cooking. We can even deliver hot to your home or office for the most convenient service.

What about all those little extras?

An extras pack is available with all Pick-a Pack selections for just 50 cents per guest. It includes all the sauces, dips, napkins and silver serving trays you will need.

To ensure your finger food selection arrives in perfect condition it will be delivered in a foam esky which is yours to keep. A nominal charge of $5.00 per esky applies.

If you choose one of our fully-staffed catering options all those little extras are included in the package price. Call All Suburbs Catering on 1800 888 140 today and order your finger food to make your party special!

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